Ending All Discrimination
Based on Difference

The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation engages citizens in classrooms and communities across the state of Mississippi and abroad to enable them to communicate candidly and constructively about race.

By emphasizing the fundamental value of storytelling, the Winter Institute works to create a safe space for interracial, multicultural dialogue that is truth-centered and, above all, solution-oriented. While we promote equity and inclusion in all communities, our focus lies primarily on forging meaningful and collaborative relationships among people in the most disparate communities.

We envision a more inclusive and just society that actively eliminates division based on difference, so we diligently pursue this reality, one community and one classroom at time.



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Northside Sun: A conversation with Portia Espy on William Winter Institute

Executive Director Portia Espy recently spoke with Anthony Warren of the Northside Sun in Jackson, Mississippi, about the work of the Winter Institute. Read the interview here.

William Winter Institute relocates to Jackson after 19 years at Ole Miss

Original article published by The Daily Mississippian.

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